More than just the best action sports on the planet, XLTV is all about Culture, Purpose and living life to the Max.

An Award- Winning, faith based, lifestyle/ action sports weekly TV show airing into 171 countries, now in its 7th year is rated as one of the Top programs on many TV networks around the world. XLTV features culturally relevant topics, cutting edge editing, exclusive behind the scenes interviews and lifestyles with musicians, athletes & personalities influencing today's generation.

Travel, world class events and up to date happenings from around the world make this one of the most sought after shows around.

XLTV showcases breath- taking footage from exotic locations as each week viewers are strapped in alongside the world's top athletes for the ride of a lifetime. Most of all, what makes XLTV unique and different is that each episode deals with powerful, life-changing topics facing today's generation. "Sports with a message".


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"Yes, XLTV is a cutting edge product which exposes viewers to a fresh, positive message in a very unconventional way and at the same time encourages and strengthens them to live life to the fullest."


"Xtreme Life, an extreme sports show that rivals anything on television.I've been on location for some of these video shoots, and let me tell you they're the real deal. The difference is that the athletes offer an uplifting and encouraging message to viewers."

Paul Crouch, Jr. VP of Administration,
Trinity Broadcasting Network

"As a 20 year Emmy award winning producer myself, last at NBC, I can say with some experience that these are extremely talented producers. The program is very well done but more importantly I think the message comes through loud & clear."

Kathy Johnson, VP Programming,
Sky Angel


Premier Productions is a Hawaii based production company that has been producing action sports videos for the past 20 years.
These movies currently sell mainstream around the world and USA in Costco, Wal Mart, Sam's, Best Buy, etc. In addition to the 21 full length action sports movies produced over the years, Premier produces the weekly television show which airs on both Faith and Secular TV stations around the world called "Xtreme Life".

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